Helping Leaders Get Better

It’s often said that the first commandment of leadership is “only do what only you can do”.

But how? Juggling the multiple demands of running a business is relentless. You find that you need to be a generalist and an expert, a colleague and a boss, a sceptic and an enthusiast, a leader and a manager.

The business landscape is changing with relentless speed, which means your adaptability is your most important attribute, but where do you prioritise?

Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things.

Peter Ducker

When you are so busy running your company how do you find the time to step back and be objective? Not just as a one-off, but repeatedly? When can you properly assess and predict your market’s trajectory? And where’s the time to make clear minded decisions and set direction? It can’t all be done in the shower in the morning or at night when you should be sleeping.

And even if you can be ruthless enough with your time to step away, reflect, and focus your attention on your strategy and tactics, how do you move that strategy in to action whilst still leading the business on a daily basis? How do you access the tools and techniques that will increase the likelihood of success?

Who is supporting you, who challenges your thinking? How do you access skills outside your circle without it costing you the earth?

Helping Leaders Get Better – is the name give to a very special regional initiative designed to provide you with the expert help you need.

It is aimed specifically at leaders in the independent sector struggling to access affordable expert guidance and support that will make a material difference to the success of their enterprise. It is led by local entrepreneur and FTSE100 veteran, Brian Jones and is actively supported and endorsed by the Peterborough and Cambridge offices of Baldwins (formerly Rawlinsons) and the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

By engaging with us you will gain access to Atlantic Cedar – a consortium of highly skilled and expert business executives at rates equivalent to those of a Baldwins partner.

Each Atlantic Cedar partner or associate has hands on experience running organisations across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, from small entrepreneurial start ups to FTSE 100s with global reach and scale, and/or is recognised as a genuine expert in their field – strategy, marketing, sales, finance, procurement, technology, to name a few.

And each one is curious, keen to add value, and fuelled by a belief that independent businesses are the beating heart of our economy.

One final thing, however. Our time is limited too, so we only want to work with leaders who genuinely want and need the help and are prepared to invest time and effort in getting better.

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