Our Offerings

Our offerings are really just ways in which you can access expertise in a manner that suits you best.  Past experience has shown that genuinely value accretive relationships usually involve combinations of these elements.  Pricing is broadly in line with the hourly rates charged by partners in regional professional firms, including Baldwins.

Critical Friend

Priced per hour on a retainer basis

An expert sounding board, someone to ask the important questions, and who can help you think through those hard decisions.


Priced by scope

A fresh look at your business, its economies, its people and/or its culture. Aimed at unlocking new insights from which to build and grow.

Workshop and Masterclasses

Priced by session or class

Uncovering answers, building business cases, creating team alignment, or learning tools and techniques illustrated by real-life case-studies.

Virtual Board

Priced by annual subscription

In common with key leaders from non-competing sectors you will be invited to a series of 5 masterclasses and 5 facilitated discussions with experts on hand. Each evening session will be hosted at Alwalton Hall, the Regency mansion west of Peterborough, and includes dinner and refreshments.

Helping Leaders Get Bettercontact us here or email info@helpingleadersgetbetter.com